Adunola Gabriel This Kind Love Mp3 Download (Lyrics – Video)

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Adunola Gabriel This Kind Love Mp3 Download : Download Gospel track by Adunola Gabriel titled This Kind Love. About this track the singer writes; “In a world filled with anger, hatred, envy, lack of trust and other vices, there is one we can all lean on. One who has never betrayed us and will ever remain faithful.

One who loved us when we do not deserve the love”. Listen to this beautiful song and hear Adunola Gabriel talk about this unfathomable, unquantifiable love shown to us by our saviour.

Adunola Gabriel is a seasoned musician, pianist, bassist, violinist, music director and a music producer. He has produced a lot of songs that are already trending. His new single will definitely bless your lives. Use the download link below to get this track. – Free mp3, Audio download, Mp4, Video download, Song Lyrics.

Adunola Gabriel This Kind Love Mp3 Download free

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Adunola Gabriel This Kind Love Lyrics – Mp4 video

This kind love oooo
This kind love oooo
I never see (3x)

Like a prodigal son, I was on my own but he showed me mercy and Grace found me
Like a lost sheep I strayed away but like a shepherd he looked for me
He found me, he took me , he cleansed me, he washed me

He purged me, he dressed me, he shined me, he raised me oooo
Now I can sit with him o, now I can talk with him o,now I can dine with him o, just like a father and son o
I go boldly to his presence, i take grace and his Mercy, he covers me with his feathers, now I can sing of his love

This kind love oooo
I never see (3x)

Glows like a sunshine. Flows like an endless river
The depth of your love no one can fathom
The height of your grace reaches to the cloud

Unmeasurable, unfathomable, unquantifiable
I’ll talk about your love to me cos no one can give this love to me
You’ve got my heart, you’ve got my soul, you’ve got my body and my mind
I’ll love you forever, cos you are mine forever
For this your love, I’ll never be mute.

This kind love oooo
I never see (3x)

And even in the rain (You’re always there for me)
And the deep waters (You’re always there for me)
And through the storm (You’re always there for me)
And the strange fire (You’re always there for me)
And when I am down (You’re always there for me)
Forsaken by my friends (You’re always there for me)
When no one is around (You’re always there for me)
And I feel so alone (You’re always there for me)

This kind love oooo
I never see (3x)

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