Joel Osteen daily devotional For Today 26TH APRIL 2020

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Joel Osteen daily devotional For Today 26TH APRIL 2020

Joel Osteen Daily Devotional For Today 26TH APRIL 2020: I know you must be looking for Daily devotional by Joel Osteen for today 26TH APRIL 2020 with the Topic : MAKE WISE DECISIONS. daily devotion from Joel Osteen for today is no doubt one of the most sort after Christian daily devotional preaching. So for those who have been searching for the daily devotional with Joel Osteen, it is available on this website and you can even download it if you want by saving it as a book mark on your device. daily devotional reading Joel Osteen is something every christian believer should read often to improve on their christian lives and activities on daily basis. with this, you can stay at home and read through the message and text being used in the devotional.

daily devotions with Joel Osteen

So if you’ve been searching for daily devotional by Joel Osteen with topic: MAKE WISE DECISIONS,  here it is. just read through on this page

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daily devotion from Joel Osteen is available for free download on this site, Download Joel Osteen daily devotional using this link below.

Joel Osteen daily devotional – Details

  • Pastor: Joel Osteen
  • Devotional:
  • Genre: Daily Devotional by Joel Osteen for today 26TH APRIL 2020
  • Status : Joel Osteen daily devotional is available on this site

This option is for those who wish to get Joel Osteen daily devotional online especially if you have not been able to get Your hands on it offline. so many people are not aware that they can always get most of the church’s pastors daily devotionals online. They think it is available only offline in hard copy. Now we have created a spot on our website where you can be getting the latest Daily Devotional by Joel Osteen for today 26TH APRIL 2020 right on your phone or computer devices by browsing through our daily devotionals online website where we publish only top pastors and church’s devotional and daily manner.

Today’s Joel Osteen Daily Devotional 26TH APRIL 2020

Joel Osteen free daily devotional for today and topic : MAKE WISE DECISIONS  has been published on this website for you to read and keep yourself busy if you were not able to get your hands on it from the church followers or those who attends the worship for the day. download Joel Osteen daily devotional on this site.

Joel Osteen daily devotional for today 26TH APRIL 2020

Joel Osteen devotional for today is here. Digest the word of the lord and pray believing.THE TOPIC OF JOEL OSTEEN DEVOTIONAL FOR 26TH APRIL 2020 IS “MAKE WISE DECISIONS.”


The Israelites examined their food, but they did not consult the LORD.

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Joshua and the Israelites had just defeated Jericho miraculously. God’s favor was on them. A group of people, who lived nearby, knowing they also would be destroyed, came up with an elaborate plan to deceive Joshua into believing they were from a distant land and make a peace treaty with them, which God had forbidden.

It was a persuasive deception on the surface, and it became a big headache that could have been avoided if Joshua had consulted the Lord.

That’s why you need to consult with the Lord before you get involved with people, before you sign that contract, before you put the money down. People show you one side, but God can see the whole package. You’re not going to make the best decisions if you’re not consulting with God.

He will protect you from making mistakes, open the right doors, bring the right people, and take you to the fullness of your destiny.

Joel Osteen Daily Devotional Prayer for Today 26th April 2020.
Father, thank You for all the ways You have protected me from harm and mistakes. Thank You that You haven’t left me on my own to work out my destiny. I will choose to consult You for wisdom and guidance in my decisions. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Joel Osteen devotional is written by Joel & Victoria Osteen. He is an American televangelist, theologian, speaker, and author who attracted millions of followers with his simple and positive sermons and his best-selling books…

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